Home game for major events

Düsseldorf’s sporting heart has been beating in the north of the city since 1925. The time-honoured Rhine Stadium used to be home to the Fortuna Düsseldorf football team and the Rheinfire American football team, the 1974 World Cup and the 1977 World Athletics Cup. Following the construction of the new multi-purpose arena in 2002, the musical pulse quickened as well: from Die Toten Hosen to Depeche Mode, Madonna, Genesis, the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen to Linkin Park and Lady Gaga – they all thrilled their audiences in Düsseldorf.

Key facts at a glance

10 - 66,500


365 days

usability due to closable roof and heating

10,500 sqm

of interior space

30 minutes

to open or close the roof

Additional advantages

Weatherproof, flexible and soundproofed

Lockable, opaque roof:
When necessary, the arena roof can be opened or closed in just 30 minutes, including during events. Thanks to this unique, opaque roof construction, MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA is both heat-insulated and soundproofed. Neither rain nor snow will affect your event.

Hot atmosphere, warm interior

State-of-the-art heating system:
A state-of-the-art heating system ensures pleasant temperatures of at least 15°C in the stands even in the depths of winter. This guarantees weather-independent large-scale events with satisfied attendees at any time of the year, ensuring highest possible comfort while considering taking ecological and sustainable aspects.



Media support – the best possibilities

MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA has 249 media workstations in the press grandstand. In addition, there are 13 media terminals available for up to 16 cameras inside the arena and two additional media terminals in the press grandstand for up to six cameras. The press conference room features state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and telephone connections.

A power hall indeed

MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA is really a conceptual gem. It meets all technical requirements for almost every conceivable event – and it is located in the heart of North-Rhine Westphalia, with a catchment area of 15 million people. Transport links are perfect, with an international airport just 3 km away, motorway access, a main railway station and public transport with its own underground stop. There is also a hotel directly at the arena, variable VIP boxes and conference rooms with a view into the stadium.

The perfect venue for any purpose

Eurovision Song Contest
An der Decke der MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA hängen mehrere Übertragungsbildschirme mit dem Logo vom Eurovision Song-Contest. Die gefüllte Halle ist lila beleuchtet. Auf der linken Seite ragt die Bühne in den Innenraum hinein.
Large TV events

One good example among many is the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. For the show, an 18 m high and 60 m wide LED wall was installed in the background of the stage. 2,200 spotlights, 27 cameras and 90 microphones were used to have people all over the world participate in the grand finale. On site, the first contingent of 32,000 tickets was sold out on the first day of sales.

Helene Fischer
Blick in die ausverkaufte MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA aus der Vogelperspektive. Die Bühne strahlt durch ein Bühnenfeuerwerk.
Every show and every event – a success in Düsseldorf

Events may be held in the arena all year round, regardless of the weather. For example, open air concerts, such as Helene Fischer or Die Toten Hosen, or a stadium show with the Ehrlich Brothers, where world records were set. For the WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition, the arena was transformed into a large club thanks to the closable roof.

Fortuna Home Game
Blick aus dem Rang auf das Fußballfeld bei einem Fortunaspiel in der MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. Die Fans im Hintergrund sorgen für ein rot-weiß gestreiftes Auftreten der Ränge.
The right location for every type of sport

Whether as a football stadium for Fortuna Düsseldorf or as an ice hockey stadium, as was the case for the 2015 DEL Winter Game – the multifunctional arena offers the ideal location for any sporting event. Within a few days, the football pitch was converted into an American football pitch for the 2021 ELF final, and the opening game of 2024 Handball Euro will also be played in the arena with a record-breaking crowd of 50,000 fans.

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