On the road for Düsseldorfs citizens

In addition to the testing stations at the DOME and the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE, the testing infrastructure was expanded and the first mobile testing stations were put on the road. With up to 60 Covid rapid tests per hour, the mobile testing stations relieved the Düsseldorf testing centers. The vehicles were deployed as needed at various locations in Düsseldorf and enabled passers-by to conduct a spontaneous PoC test without a previously arranged appointment.

Key facts


tests conducted

14 months

in operation




in Düsseldorf

The first

D.LIVE's mobile units were the first in Düsseldorf and NRW. The fleet was expanded from one testing vehicle to six testing vehicles in a short period of time. The test vehicles were on the road daily in the state capital.

A social mission

D.LIVE was commissioned to provide support in socially deprived areas and underserved neighborhoods (where there was too little testing available locally) with the mobile rapid testing station and to make testing possible quickly, easily and free of charge.

Highly professional

The testing vehicles were staffed by three trained and experienced testers who have conducted more than 10,000 tests in urban testing centers.