Pop-up drive-in cinema for culture in times of Covid

Together with courageous artists, organizers and partners, we managed to create something unique during this difficult time. Concerts, shows, opera galas, pole vaulting, boxing, DJ sessions and movies were still possible as a live experience while adhering to the applicable rules of conduct. Our industry has always excelled in 'reinvention' and rapid innovation. The idea and implementation of the 'car concerts' a few days after the lockdown was our contribution to being able to offer concerts under different conditions for artists, productions and audiences.

Event data

5 days




3 1/2 months

event duration

more than 20

Drive-in concerts & shows

For the perfect cinema experience

Nearly 40t of material deliveries, among others for a special construction stage, perimeter fencing and cinema screen.

New location for events

Set up of a new venue in only 5 working days thanks to a highly dynamic team and fast response time.

Unlimited possibilities

Development of new concepts for concerts and shows during an eventless period. The drive-in theater as a venue for cinema, concerts, shows, church services, weddings and first communion.