The perfect stage for any show.

Every sound needs the right acoustics, every event the right size, and each unique audience a thrilling atmosphere. Our strength is our extensive portfolio of venues that is sure to satisfy your event needs, no matter the occasion. Find the right stage for your event and get ready to go live—D.LIVE!


The versatility of our multipurpose venues makes virtually any kind of event possible under top-notch conditions. As your single source for locations, D.LIVE enables you to tailor your event to any size and taste, creating plenty of flexibility in the planning stages. We can even spontaneously adapt the concept to meet all your event’s needs during ticket sales.

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We do it all. Just not playbacks.

Welcome to D.LIVE! Whether you are organizing an indoor or outdoor concert or show, a sporting or company event, and no matter it’s size, small, big or even bigger—we not only develop a suitable concept for your event, but one that literally rocks in the truest sense of the word: we have the venue that will showcase your event’s full potential. In short, we crank the volume all the way up, because “live” is in our DNA!

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  • Event management
  • Event promotion
  • Technical engineering
  • Guest and security management
  • Hospitality
  • Food Services

Düsseldorf has it all.

One of the main advantages of our five venues is the unique location in the most beautiful city on the Rhine. As the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr region, Düsseldorf, offers the 11.5 million inhabitants living in the city’s surroundings excellent infrastructure. Our vibrant and international atmosphere in and around the famous “Altstadt”, or Old Town area, will transform your event into an unforgettable experience for both artists and visitors alike.

  • International airport
  • Central station with excellent connections
  • Excellent connections to North Rhine-Westphalia’s highway network
  • Around 15,000 three- to five-star hotel rooms

D.LIVE has it all.

More than 60,000 successful events and over 27 million satisfied visitors are the best reference!

Expertise based on more than 20 years of event planning.
Around 100 highly motivated minds.
Reliable planning and implementation from a single source.
Flexible concepts